Monday, November 12, 2007

Roundup on Accessibility and Mobility in Transportation Planning

Jonathan Levine (U. Michigan) convened a roundtable at last month's ACSP conference in Milwaukee (where my eldest was born some 20 years ago) on the topic of, "Accessibility and Mobility in Transportation Planning." The participants were Kevin Krizek (U. Colorado, Boulder), Qing Shen (U. Maryland), Joe Grengs (U. Michigan), Brian Taylor (UCLA), Jonathan and myself.

We each spoke for a few minutes then had a pretty violent testosterone-fueled exchange, with audience input and reaction. Next year, by tradition, it will alternate to an entirely female panel. (By the way, contrary to the conventional wisdom, career advice columnist/blogger Penelope Trunk says women are more comfortable with conflict than men, and that this is not always in their interest -- particularly when negotiating. I would say there was a comfortable level of conflict in our session.)

This is a massive topic with many elements. My main point was summarized in this earlier post so, for Milwaukee, I had one quick slide with 3 supplemental points, reproduced below. Most of the other panelists have provided their presentations below as well, in the order presented. Note that the power points open up in Google docs.

p.s. One might reasonably wonder why Prof. Taylor has a 70-something slide presentation for his 5 minute opening remarks for a roundtable discussion. First, this is the longer version of that talk. Second, he has lots to say on the topic. Third, because he can.


J. LEVINE, U. Michigan
Mobility and Accessibility (2 slides)


Accessing Access (70 something slides)


3 Quick Asides on Accessibility/Mobility (1 slide)


Q. SHEN, U. Maryland
Using Accessibility Measures to Compare Built Environments of Metropolitan Areas (12 slides)


K. Krizek, U. Colorado, Boulder
Measuring Non-Motorized Accessibility (32 slides)

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